Automated Construction of Structures using 3D Printing: A Review

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Suraj Vairagade
Narendra Kumar
Ravi Pratap Singh
Mohit Tyagi


The recent advances in 3D printing techniques from past one decade in terms of materials development, product evolvement methods, industry 4.0, technological up-gradations, manpower free constructions, customised production, waste minimization, freedom from designs at an affordable cost. 3D printing processes are extensively contributing in the field of structural industry. To meet the fast-growing demand of the humans there is a need to understand the concepts and in-depth knowhow of 3D printing processes.  The technological developments of 3DP to infrastructure domain are still untouched zone worldwide. It is because of lesser projects successfully carried out since its inception.  The article presents insights of additive manufacturing processes and its applicability to the construction industry. In the construction industry, 3D printing has not yet reached the point of commercial availability at global level. Fewer number of 3DP experiments for large-scale buildings can be discovered in the literature. A critical analysis of past and present literature studies is conducted worldwide and also investigated the potential benefits of additive manufacturing processes to construction industry. This article's unique contribution is its examination of the many uses for 3D printing in the construction industry, as well as the advances in technology that have made this possible.

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