Numerical Analysis of Chevron Braced Frames retrofitted using Vertical and Diagonal Brace Members

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Krishna Kant Pathak


This article discusses about the retrofitting of the existing chevron braced frames, constructed before the induction of the concept of thespecial concentrically braced frames (SCBF) braced frames. Two arrangements of upgraded bracing were developed; one configuration was inspired by X-brace and Y brace while the other was inspired by Zipper brace and Y-brace. Both arrangements resulted into unique dual half Y-brace (DHYB). The numerical analysis was done by using Abaqus software. The outcomes of the analysis for studying the behaviour of the braced frame after retrofitting were the hysteretic behaviour, plastic energy dissipation and the beam deflection. In most of the cases, retrofitting using the above mentioned technique provided a more stable and balanced hysteretic behaviour, improved energy dissipation, reduced beam deflection. This method of retrofitting would cause minimal structural intervention and least disruption to the occupants.

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