Dynamic Response Reduction of Reinforced Concrete Structure using Tuned Mass Damper and Tuned Liquid Damper

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K.P. Shiyam Sundar
Johny Sebastian
M.K. Shrimali
S.D. Bharti


Damping devices are used to reduce the dynamic response of a structure by energy dissipation. Common types of damping devices are fluid viscous dampers, tuned mass dampers, and tuned liquid dampers. This project aims to study the effectiveness of TMD and TLD in controlling the response of the structure when it is subjected to acceleration records of different earthquakes. A 20-storey reinforced concrete bare frame structure has been subjected to two earthquake acceleration records with and without dampers in SAP 2000. The dampers are modelled using link elements. The structure is attached with TMD and TLD having a mass of 0.5%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10% of the modal mass. The analysis procedure used is nonlinear modal time history analysis (FNA). The variation in base shear and top storey displacement has been obtained and plotted.

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