Development and Performance Analysis of a PCM Based Cooling Fan for Hot Climate of Bangladesh


  • Md. Anowar Hossain
  • I.M. Mahbubul
  • Md. Abdul Aziz
  • Hasan Mohammad Mostofa Afroz
  • Md. Rashedul Islam
  • Md. Johirul Islam



Renewable energy, Solar energy, Sustainability, Electric fan, Room cooling, Phase change materials


In hot climatic regions, some kind of cooling system is necessary to avoid warmth and humidity. Many of the available cooling systems are not economic and sustainable. In this study, sustainable and feasible space/room cooling systems have been experimentally analyzed. A solar operated cooling system with two options have been designed and their performances are compared. Phase Change Material (PCM) is proposed to store thermal energy instead of a costly battery. A 1200-watt compressor and fin-type condenser are used to construct the vapor compression system. When the incoming air is passed through the cooling coil, it gets cool. For this cooling coil, 50 feet copper tube is used. The front side copper tube diameter of the fan is 3/8 inch and the backside tube diameter is 1/2 inch. It took about 35 minutes and 5 minutes to minimize the room temperature at the desired level in the case of the stand fan and duct fan, respectively. Furthermore, the stand fan and duct fan systems reduced 3 ? and 6 ? of the outside temperature, respectively.